Our Services

At West Ryde Dental, we are highly qualified dental Prosthetists and skilled member of the dental profession who constructs, fits and provides a complete and professional denture care service. You will have direct consultation with us, and we will provide for you:

  • New full dentures. Custom made to fit perfectly to give you an attractive smile, pain free and comfortable.
  • Partial dentures which fit along your natural teeth, come in both acrylic and metal
  • Relines to re-vamp you existing denture and stop it from falling and cracking
  • Repairs of your existing denture- generally performed in the same day depending on the extent of damage.
  • Metal dentures for that extra fit and durability
  • Flexible dentures- read on next page
  • Custom sports mouth guards

What are the benefits for you?
At West Ryde Denture Clinic, we will maintain, repair you dentures as required by you or referring practitioner. As your dental prosthetist we will personally consult, advise & assist you in all relevant aspects of your treatment & where necessary provide you with appropriate treatment.
You will also save time with us because a consultation with a dental prosthetist means you deal directly with the practitioner who will personally construct your denture etc.

When should you visit us?
You should make an appointment to come and see us if your present dentures are in excess of 2 years old, if they excessive wear, or are ill fitting & cause discomfort. You should also consult us if you consider your facial features are lacking support.